Founded in 1979, Codinachs Architects has a long history of working internationally. The firm’s expansion started at very early stages when the firm was co-directed by Dr Marcia Codinachs and Mercè Nadal. Since 2006 until today the design team is led by Eugenia Codinachs and Alejandro Beceyro with a common objective: executing excellence and providing innovative designs worldwide.


Dr Marcià Codinachs gathers vast international recognition by its personal involvement in different aspects of the architectural field such as investigation projects that range from technological developments to big scale masters. Dr Marcià Codinachs has participated in several conferences around the world such as “Livable Cities”, "The Future of Architecture" or "The Catalan Architecture" and his publications and articles have played also an important role in his professional life.


The combination of our Mediterranean roots and our international expertise in different markets give as a result flexible, sensitive and sustainable design proposals. Embracing the singularity of each project, Codinachs Architects’ main focus is to develop unique, creative and functional solutions to not only to provide striking schemes but also to fully address the specific requirements of each project. We believe that each project is an opportunity to showcase our passion for design and emphasize the importance of delivering real value from a global perspective.


Codinachs Architects has deep experience in a vast range of building types, from master planning at a large scale to architecture design of mixed use projects, high rise and low rise developments, landscape design and interior design. The firm has completed and under construction projects on going in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, AbuDhabi, Morocco, Europe, Cuba and Dominican Rep.


Codinachs Architects has been awarded with several international awards such as “The Best Residential Building in China 2003”, “The MIPIM Asia Golden Prize for Urban Regeneration of the Shiliupu in Shanghai 2011” and “The Best Condominium in Jakarta 2014 by the Indonesian Bank” and “The MIPIM Asia Best Urban Regeneration for The North Bund in Shanghai 2015”.